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Seattle-based corporation that provides and manages education advancement, enrichment, and support service to underserved communities, in collaboration with organizations that share in the mission for equity and access.

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The company was founded by Tracey and Robert Delgardo, who supported the company's operations with a set of capable and experienced management team, administrative staff team, and contracted business consultants.

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The MARS Community Service Center provides programs, classes, and activities for all ages. Donate today to help us grow!

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Robert and Tracey have created the Rainer Beach Community Resource Center(RBCRC) to call upon the unique passion of our Rainer Beach neighborhood to mentor and drive betterment for our community and each life touched. Providing an array of community support services for K-Adult, education, life enrichment, and career-related needs. We hope to make each member of the community a living testimony of our quality and excellent service offerings.
The Rainer Beach Community Resource Center(RBCRC) believes each person should have equal opportunity to education and development.
Community betterment comes one action at a time and Rainer Beach Community Resource Center(RBCRC) will offer programming that will make each person stronger while enriching our community
Our team

Each team member specializes in a particular discipline, including education, finance, sales and marketing, technology, management, and operations.

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MARS CSC Education Enrichment Programs Group

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