Xola Malik
Director of Community Events and Engagement

Xola (cola) Malik serves in the position of Director of Community Events and Engagement. He is the legendary Seattle hip-hop recording artist professionally known as Kid Sensation - former member of Grammy Winning Group Sir Mix A Lot. Born and raised in the Southend of Seattle in the shadow of the RBCRC facility, he is a performer, author, speaker, actor and philanthropist with a heart for the Rainier Beach community and its people. Performing around the world, acting in movies, commercials, Tedx Talks, writing books, hosting charitable events and so much more have added to his personal story which he loves to share to inspire others. His passion for seeing positive development in the ever-changing South Seattle area inspires his new, message driven profanity-free music/videos (kidsensation.com), an anthem for the RBCRC organization, and eventually lead to his joining the RBCRC family

Tracey Degardo M.Ed.
Director of Finance and Operations

Tracey A. Delgardo serves as the Director of Finance and Operations. In her role, she is responsible for the day-to-day accounting functions for Rainier Beach Community Resource Center (RBCRC), the preparations of financial reports and analyses and the oversite of financial transactions. She also manages RBCRC Human Resources department. Tracey is an experienced workforce and community engagement professional who is passionate about people who want to improve themselves through personal and professional transformation. Her leadership and commitment has been nurtured through her work experience in public school education and private leadership. She has always been a guiding force in her personal and professional relationships. Her optimistic and encouraging spirit has made her a positive agent of change. She will work closely with the Director of Operations with fundraising and grant writing. Tracey has worked and partnered with other non-profit organizations to provide education services, workforce development, financial literacy training, partner and community engagement through programming. Tracey has over 7 years of Human Resources, onboarding, staffing, and employment advancement and over 4 years experience in payroll. She earned her Masters in Educational Leadership and Program Administration Certification from the University of Washington.

Robert Delgardo
Executive Director

Robert Delgardo serves as the Executive Director of Rainier Beach Community Resource Center (RBCRC). Robert is responsible for strategic planning, and ongoing work with the partners to ensure progress towards the RBCRC's mission. Most recently, Robert serves as the Chairman of Northwest Black Pioneers HBCU College Tours & Educational Programs, providing unique opportunities to increase the awareness of the benefits and available choices of attending an institute of higher learning for high school students of color, some of whom may be economically and socially disadvantaged. Robert is a consistent pillar in the Southeast Seattle and Skyway communities for over 30 years and is still active. He has been helping children, youth, young adults, and families in various ways for a long time. His bottom line is, he loves serving and helping others. He graduated from Central Washington University with a BS in Physical Education & Health Education and received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the University of Washington Foster School of Business School in 2013.

Marvena Kemp
Director of Operations

Marvena Kemp serves as the Program Manager for Rainier Beach Community Resource Center (RBCRC). Marvena is responsible for overseeing the program's day-to-day operations, budget, fundraising, grants, and policies regarding participant involvement. Providing leadership and oversight of RBCRC performance and programs engaging with youth, families, and educators. Directly supervises, mentors, and professionally develops appropriate administration and volunteer staff. Conducts regular check-ins with direct reports to prepare and anticipate personnel needs and effort distribution to best leverage strengths and RBCRC collective knowledge. Marvena Kemp comes with 20 plus years of community service experience. She is a native of the Central area of Seattle and is a wife and mother of three. Marvena serves as the President and Co-Founder of The Marvin Thomas Memorial Fund; she has been and remains extremely active in the community since the organization was founded in 1998. She has experience organizing basketball clinics, tournaments, holiday gift baskets of foods, auctions to underwrite yearlong football, basketball, and health camps serving children and youth in Central, South, and West Seattle.

Mandy LeBlanc

Mandy LeBlanc has 15+ years of well-being experience, designed over 100 employer wellness programs, led a CDC grant focused on health and prevention, learned from some of the best via roles at Kaiser, American Heart Association and is a Leadership Fellow for the National School-Based Health Alliance.

Kelaina Ross

Kelaina has recently come to us as our admin/office manager for RBCRC, NWPB, and MARS Early Learning Academy. Kelaina has spent the last 25+ years in the title and escrow industry, and is excited to try something fresh and new. She keeps us organized and on track and assists with our events and making sure they all run smoothly. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her son Koren, a sophomore and a point guard at the University of Washington, and her daughter Ava, an avid soccer player, as well as spending time with her horses, dogs, cats, and 30+ chickens.

Danny Cage

Danny Cage Jr. is a 45 year old proud husband of twenty three (23) years, and father of two (2) children, Jaylah (15) and Danny III (22). Danny enjoys spending time with his family, attending his children’s sporting events, drama productions and assisting his wife with her community non-profit organization which serves over one-hundred (100) youth annually throughout the Pacific Northwest. When Danny is not spending time with his family he is doing what he does best, which is mentoring youth throughout the community. He has a reputation for his outgoing personality, and engaging Wednesday night Youth Bible Studies. For the past 21 years he has served as a Youth Outreach Worker, a Youth Development Director, and currently a Executive Director at the Meredith Mathews Y. Danny has a heart for the youth in the community, and will continue to provide for them a positive environment through his work as a mentor, and a spiritual guidance counselor. In the past few years Danny has found another passion, in coaching. He started coaching at the Washington Middle Franklin HS, O’Dea HS, and Mt. Rainier High School. In 2014, Danny received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a Minor Family Studies from Central Washington University with the hopes to continue his studies, and receive a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.