Rainier Beach Community Resoiurce Center Education Enrichment Programs Group advisory, and contracted consulting expertise, from M.A.R.S. Early Learning Academy, Northwest Black Pioneers, STEMTAC Foundation, the Greer Institute, and the Mona Bailey Academy, to assist in programmatic development for educational enrichment initiatives and provision of services.

Our education enrichment program service offerings rang among these listed services, depending on community member participant particular needs:

Education  Enrichment Programming Pre-K through K-20


  • Reading  (Literacy)
  • Writing
  • Arithmetic
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM)
  • Vocational Training
  • Certifications


The full M.A.R.S. program consistsof5 separate 501(c)3 not-for-profit organizations that have served the King County, WA area for over 60 years, collectively.  

They have entered into a collaborative effort to merge their programs and expand their work to create a full center that will serve underprivileged children in the Southeast Seattle Community.

M.A.R.S.(Math, Art, Reading& Science) EARLY LEARNING ACADEMY

Has been serving children and families in Southeast Seattle communities since 1995 under Toddler Tech Child Care Center. After many successful years of effectively serving children, families, and the community at-large, there was a notable increase of young children not being prepared to enter the traditional education system as kindergarteners.

This dilemma really tugged on the heartstrings of Tracey Delgardo, so she decided to change the name and focus to early learning, serving ages infant to five-year-old. Providing a rigorous age-appropriate curriculum with strong emphases in math, arts, reading, and science programs with a STEM-based focus (M.A.R.S.). M.A.R.S. Early Learning Academy's core belief is that achievement starts from the cradle and is a lifelong process.



Engageable Designs

Is a social good, social impact organization cultivating excitement and skills around math. Their mission is to create engaging learning experiences for students of all ages, especially in high-need, low-income schools. They develop early numerical literacy and love of learning in children of color, through fun, culturally relevant math enrichment programs.

Engageable Designs Programs offers the Mathematician in Residence (MIR)program during the school day to give class math enrichment, and the Saturday Math Academy (SMA). Cultivating excitement and skills around math. Our mission is to create engaging learning experiences for students of all ages especially in high-need low-income schools. The STEMTAC Program proves to be an intergenerational, vibrant, and fast paced collaborative study of math.  They also offer an Early Algebra Program(EAP) before or after school, a Summer Math Camp during the summer as well as other offerings.


Northwest Black Pioneers (NWBP)

Was founded by O.L. Mitchell, Dr. Robert Gary Sr., Paul Mitchell, and Paul Buller to provide the greater Seattle community with educational programs and the opportunity to experience touring22 HBCU's with historical culture awareness to our young people. As a strategic partner to many local and national programs, we provide an integrated approach to encourage and motivate students of diverse backgrounds to pursue opportunities and resources that will enrich their educational and life experiences; thereby increasing their value to our communities.

We offer After School tutoring and mentoring to help students get prepared as well as an annual Black College Tour. It is our mission to provide the unique opportunity to increase the awareness of the benefits and available choices of attending an institute of higher learning for high school students of color- some of whom may be economically and socially disadvantaged.

Science Technology & Engineering &Math Training Application Center

(STEMTAC™) provides Customized Targeted Programs for STEM literacy, advocacy, education, Training & Workforce/Tech force Development.  

The current activities of STEMTAC™include:

STEMTAC™ Original Programs

-         STEMTAC™TICI (Technology & Innovation Center Initiative)

-         STEMTAC™SDAP (STEM & Digital Access Platform)

-         STEMTAC™EEP (Education to Employment Pipeline)

-         STEMTAC™SLATE (STEM Literacy and Advocacy Tour Events)

-         STEMTAC™T-LITE (Teens for Leadership, Innovation, Technology, & Education)

-         STEMTAC™ASETT (Advanced Student Entrepreneur Technology Team)

-         STEMTAC™NYL (National Youth Laboratory)  


The Mona Bailey Academy

Was founded to preserve the legacy of a gifted educator, champion of K-12 STEM (Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics) education and a tireless advocate for our work to expand access and to serve students and families across the entire state of Washington. Mon Bailey worked as Assistant Superintendent of Education and her mission as co-chair of a state advisory committee created by the legislature in 2008 was to come up with a plan to close the achievement gap between black students and their classmates. The legacy continues through their programming that integrates science, technology, engineering, and math concepts and aims to establish STEM equity and inclusion.  

Through offering specialized STEM training to young people, the Mona Bailey Academy also provides opportunities for marginalized communities to gain the necessary insight, engagement and mastery of these 21st century tools. In our STEM programs and special workshops, we also teach and sharpen the work skills of young people with updated technological skills that may be utilized in the highly developing technological job industry of today.


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